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Scent Palette FAQ

Q. Scent Palette only makes a small puff of air when fired.

A. Is there air coming out in the scent chamber? If yes, keep in mind that it will be a small amount of air pressure. It does not take much air to get the scent out of the chambers. The amount is so small that you will hardly see the black rubber valve move on top of the chamber. The fans will then do all the work of getting the scent out of the machine.

Q. I would like a larger scent charge out of the Scent Palette.

A. If the scent charge is not strong enough coming out of the machine, you can increase the time that the air valve is on (a couple of seconds more). Do this with the fans off. You will then fill the Scent Palette with scent. Then you can turn the fans on to get a real strong scent charge. It will be trial and error to figure out what is going to work with your application. If a strong scent charge is needed, you may have to do these steps several seconds before the scent is actually needed.

Q. What PSI is necessary for the compressor for the Palette? 

A. No more than 80 P.S.I. The valves are rated up to 100 P.S.I. We recommend 40 to 50 p.s.i.

Q. Is it possible to power 2 Palettes off of 1 compressor, and if so what PSI would be necessary to accommodate 2 machines?

A. You can run as many Palettes as you want off of one air source, as long as there is enough volume of air.
FOR EXAMPLE: 3 Palettes can be run off of 1 compressor (like our recommended compressor) as long as they only use one scent at a time (out of 24 possible scents).  If they want to engage more than 1 scent at one time (perhaps 3 out of 24) then you’ll need a compressor with a reservoir tank (our recommended compressor does not have a tank), and again the PSI would have to be tested for the customer’s application (80 P.S.I. and lower). Or trigger the air a few seconds before you turn the fans on. This would give you the same result as having a reservoir tank.

Q. Pallette runs fine for a while then suddenly stops / resets the computer.

A. Did the compressor kick on? Is it plugged in to the same outlet as the computer and Pallette? The compressor has an electrical motor and as such can cause surges in the power line that can cause resets. You should avoid using any large load on the same line as a computer or other delicate equipment. Preferably connect the compressor to a separate circuit. If it is unavoidable, use separate good quality surge strips on the compressor and electronics to minimize the problem.

Q. Is there a recommended air compressor to use?

A. We recommend D500SR AIR COMPRESSOR (1/8 H.P.) (with Switch & Regulator). It is capable of delivering 20 - 40 P.S.I. operating pressure depending on regulater settings being used. The Paasche D500SR is an oilless piston unit and comes with the R-75 Regulator/Filter with gauge.

It operates on 110-120 Volt, 1 phase, 60Hz, and delivers .4 C.F.M. @ 20 P.S.I. R75 Regulator will regulate up to 40 P.S.I. depending on usage (intermittent or constant) . Shipping Weight: 9 lbs. (4kg)

Q. Where do I order scent cartridges?
Q. Can I order custom scents?

A. For more information on sales or scents contact us